Reconstruction and Regeneration, not Replacement

Thursday 30th &
Friday 31st January 2020


Reconstruction and Regeneration, not Replacement

We are delighted to be hosting the 6th Annual Biological Knee Society Meeting in Cambridge. The UK Biological Knee Society is a niche group of dedicated knee surgeons who are committed to furthering the science and practice of ‘biological knee reconstruction’.

The BKS programme is packed with updates as to the latest practice and results in areas such as biologics and ACL reconstruction and repair, with an overview and insight into industry’s latest products in key areas such as meniscal repair and articular cartilage defects. We also feature new advanced techniques and new products such as the use of lipogems and augmentation techniques for optimal patient outcomes in knee surgery.

Along with meeting at Downing College, Cambridge, we also have the opportunity for delegates to reserve a session in a cadaveric lab to try new techniques with advice on hand from experienced faculty.

The meeting also provides information and a forum for discussion in areas such as PROMs, consent and software packages.

This meeting is open to all knee surgeons and affiliated healthcare practitioners with an interest in the latest and best surgical treatment options for knee reconstruction.

Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England for up to 9 CPD points


Joel Melton

Joel Melton

Ian McDermott

Ian McDermott

Yiannis Pengas

Yiannis Pengas


Early bird rate until 16th December 2019
Members £100 (£125 after 16th December)
Non-members £200 (£225 after 16th December)
Physiotherapist £70 (£99 after 16th December)



  • ACL healing
  • ACL repair - Where are we now?
  • ACL reconstruction in the skeletally immature
  • Multiligament reconstruction


  • PRP
  • Adipose derived
  • Where biologics meets arthroplasty
  • GOLDIC – Intelligent tissue regeneration


  • Osteotomy in 2020 – Where are we now and where have we come from?
  • Extragenicular osteotomy effects


  • Chondral repair options
  • Chondrotissue
  • Osteochondral allograft
  • Focal resurfacing
  • Biopoly


  • Meniscal repair - challenges
  • Meniscal root repair and the ramp lesion
  • Meniscal transplantation


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