Reconstruction and Regeneration, not Replacement

Thursday 31st January &
Friday 1st February 2019


Next meeting 30-31 January 2020

Reconstruction and Regeneration, not Replacement

We are delighted to be hosting the 5th Annual Biological Knee Society Meeting in Manchester. The UK Biological Knee Society is a niche group of dedicated knee surgeons who are committed to furthering the science and practice of ‘biological knee reconstruction’.

The BKS programme is packed with updates as to the latest practice and results in areas such as biologics and ACL reconstruction and repair, with an overview and insight into industry’s latest products in key areas such as meniscal repair and articular cartilage defects. We also feature new advanced techniques and new products such as the use of lipogems and augmentation techniques for optimal patient outcomes in knee surgery.

Along with meeting in the infamous Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford, we also have the opportunity for delegates to reserve a session in a cadaveric lab to try new techniques with advice on hand from experienced faculty.

The meeting also provides information and a forum for discussion in areas such as PROMs, consent and software packages.

This meeting is open to all knee surgeons and affiliated healthcare practitioners with an interest in the latest and best surgical treatment options for knee reconstruction.

Meeting awarded 9 CPD credits.

Course fee: Members £100 | Non-members £200


Jill Rutherford

Jill Rutherford-Davies



  • Featuring international faculty Dr Patrick Smith with new proven primary ACL graft options and a live cadaveric demo
  • Sam Yasen, UK, updating us on the techniques and results in paediatric ACL repair


Featuring an overview of the current use of PRP in Orthopaedics by Mr Rik Kundra, UAE. We will also discuss the biological enhancement of ACL grafts with experienced faculty from Bath and London including Mr Henry Atkinson and Mr Ian McDermott. The role of Lipogems in the knee is very much an area for further work and discussion and we are delighted to welcome Dr Damir Hudetz from Croatia who is one of the world’s leading expert in this field.

Articular Cartilage

This is a very busy session with novel techniques in cartilage transfer ‘from nose to knee’ and updates from Vipul Mandalia in Exeter about MACI, Pete Gallacher in Oswestry about ACI and Prof McNicholas’s experience and knowledge of Spherox. We will also discuss synthetic matrix products used for management of chondral defects including AMIC and Chondrotissue with UK expertsto give us indepth insite.

The Meniscus

This session covers all aspects of meniscus surgery with frank discussion regarding which of the repair devices on the market are the preferred by the UK’s leading knee surgeons. There will be tips, tricks and insight from Rob Gilbert with regard to Ramp and Root repairs and Pete Thompson will be amongst those updating us on Meniscal Scaffolds and Transplants. There will be a unique opportunity to be involved in the knee surgery community’s response and debate regarding the use of knee arthroscopy in the future as Angus Robertson discusses the BKS Position Statement on Knee Arthroscopy.

PROMs / Software / Consent

No other knee society conference provides a forum to update members of the knee community on registers, by experts such as Prof Biant and William Hage. We also have legal experts discussing the difficulties and current debate with regard to consent. We will also showcase the current software programmes available from industry and openly discuss their benefits and limitations.